Number Six & Co., AW11 selection by Glenn Kitson

The first in a series entitled Number Six & Co, Proper contributor and all round cool cat Glenn Kitson has been selected to choose and style pieces from the AW11 selections available at the store. Informing us

Basically, I wanted to focus on classic working class style, using the early 80s as an influence. There are massive parallels at the moment with the early part of the 1980s, economically, socially and politically. It was also a period of amazing creativity amongst Britain’s youth in style and music. Never since that era has the quote ‘clean living under difficult circumstances’ seemed so apt.”

We love the Ken Loach/Alan Bleasdale vibe to the images and couldn’t agree more about the creativity of the early 80s. So lets hope that we’re on the verge of something really exciting happening in British culture, maybe something slightly more inspiring that battling in the street and breaking into Cash-Converters. Top work Glenn.


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  2. Karl Lagerfield

    Its only a matter of time until one of the big fashion houses recruits this phenomenal stylist.

  3. admin

    As are dimpled pint pots and Richard Thompson albums, you heard it here first…

  4. Harold Shand

    Aran jumpers are gonna be big this winter.

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