Who are the Oakley Factory Team?

The Oakley Factory Team ‘relaunches’ with the Oakley x Braindead Flesh.


The rise of Oakley has been on the periphery for a while now. With archive accounts like Inside Tag digging up rare early 2000s Oakley slips on, shades and backpacks, a niche corner of the early twentieth century’s design world is illuminated.

None of Oakley’s output stands out as much as the Flesh slip ons, an outrageously divisive silhouette that stands out – alongside some of the late 90s and early 2000’s creative output of ACG – as a peculiarly futuristic artefact that could well have been from the future. 

Oakley is relaunching the Flesh alongside the relaunch of the Oakley Factory Team – Oakley’s new R&D department. In a press release, it’s declared that: “the Oakley Factory Team will push the limits of our collective mission via product and multi-media storytelling mediums,” which explains the sci-fi video that literally showcases the Flesh growing out of an eco-laboratory pod. 

Brian Takumi, VP, Brand Soul and Creative adds: “at Oakley, we are equal parts scientists and engineers as we are designers. So, with every product, each element is carefully considered. The result is a fresh interpretation of Flesh with a neo-futuristic aesthetic that symbolizes evolution and progression.” 

One of Brain Dead’s additions to the Flesh silhouette is the oval gels pods that stand-out on the upper. While charges of trypophobia are valid, they serve a futuristic purpose of “imaginatively channelling the energy from the wearer’s last step into their next.” 

The release contains two limited edition colourways, Ice and Lime/Blue that capture the imagination of the release, with a separate sand/blue mainline style for easier day-to-day wear. 

The Brain Dead x Oakley Factory Team Dead Flesh are available from April 19th via Brain Dead’s store. 

Brain Dead x Oakley Flesh.

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