Oakley: One Obsession #LiveYours

Oakley don’t just make ultra-rad sunglasses designed for jumping out of aeroplanes or off mad BMX ramps you know. They also do really cool things like their One Obsession #LiveYours campaign which covers over twenty two different countries inviting and inspiring people to live out their sporting passions alongside Oakley’s impressive network of athletic ambassadors. Posing the provocative question “where does your obsession take you?” the social movement encourages fans to join over 450 Oakley athletes in sharing and celebrating their physical places of obsession around the world.  From remote mountain peaks, backyard trails, secret surf spots or suburban garages. Oakley will be rewarding #LiveYours contributions and those living out their obsessions with surprise experiences and direct access to athletes who have inspired them. Athletes like pro-skateboarder Eric Koston whose obsession was born on the streets of L.A. and the grounds of Lockwood school before going on to become part of a truly global phenomenon. Find out more here.









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