Oakley Thermonuclear Collection Protection 2

Prominently featuring of their OG 1975 logo amidst a sea of bold primary colours and oversized graphics, the second instalment of the Thermonuclear Protection Capsule Collection pays homage to 1990s Cali style as well as the brand’s rich heritage in motocross. This colourful collection includes t-shirts, fleece, pants, outerwear and accessories, including two limited edition colours of Oakley’s iconic Mumbo frame; the original M-Frame that brought sport eyewear to mainstream, first introduced in 1989 for a very limited run. Whilst this updated release of Mumbo celebrates the past and present – featuring the Factory Pilot logo and hammer earstem from the original and adding Oakley’s revolutionary Prizm lens technology, a first for the Mumbo frame. Extra props go out to Oakley for creating a photo shoot and a video that looks like a missing scene from Narcos where the kids from the cartel all get to take their new bikes our for a spin.


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