Off the Road (Gestalten)


If you’re one of those free-wheelin’ Franklin types who wakes up in a different exotic layby everyday and eats their tea sat next to a slide door looking at the sea then we salute you. If however you’re stuck in the rat race like the rest of us and often find yourself reduced to tears after doing a quick search of #VanLife on instagram then this is the book for you (and me). Gestalten’s ‘Off the Road’ is 100% unadulterated, x-rated, filthy, hardcore camper-van/ jeep/station-wagon/4X4 porn. The astounding photography is also accompanied by several accounts from the far-out families, surf dudes, weekend wanderers and professional adventurers who embark on these four-wheeled exploits across the globe as well as the all important vehicles and gear that they used to make them happen. OK, start your engines, last one to the Himalayas is a dickhead…







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