Oi Polloi Pica~Picks the Peng de la Peng of Flannels

You know there’s always that mate who’s just annoyingly good at stuff? Not just their own things, but the stuff that you consider yourself good at? It would be great if everyone just had their own niche, but no, there’s overlap. Well, Oi Polloi, as well as being one of the best retailers in Manchester, also happen to have a very funny and well written blog that they use to showcase their clothes. 

Here’s a short excerpt: 

“Grizzled mid-century mill workers in the American Midwest. Craggy-faced mechanics scuttling around the background of a Robert Frank photograph. Grungy rockers with substance abuse issues. The entire population of Twin Peaks. What do all these seemingly-disparate people have in common? They’re all noted fans of the humble flannel shirt. Here’s some we’ve been buzzing off recently.”  

Then, the sartorial-aficionados and word-spinning wizards launch into an entire analysis on the merits of five very, very good flannels. It’s a no holds barred analytical onslaught using industry respected measures like the Cracking Clobber Criteria™ test that also happens to expose the one secret that garmentologists don’t want you to know. Look, I’m not at liberty to blabber my lips on that one. Head to the blog to read it for yourself. 

I have to warn you though: there’s a very high chance that the shirt-saturated scrolling might put a large checker-sized hole in the bottom of your wallet. Don’t blame us. 

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