Oi Polloi x Andy Votel Swedish Progg box-set

If you thought that Sweden was only good for reasonably priced flatpack furniture, ace jeans, wonderful jumpers, durable yet stylish outdoor jackets, iconic backpacks, ridiculously beautiful looking people, refreshingly liberal attitudes, beyond stunning scenery, mad stuff about vikings, cutting edge saunas and decent vodka then you’re very, very wrong. They’re also the most progressive when it comes to making progressive rock music and to prove this point Oi Polloi have combined Stockholm with Stockport in the form of the musical maestro of Marple Bridge Andy Votel to create a progging brilliant Swedish progg mix-tape.

As if that wasn’t incredible enough he’s also designed a super cool t-shirt featuring a bottle of Swedish paint stripper that spells out the words Jag älskar Swedish Progg which means I love Swedish Prog in case you’ve lost your phrase book.  So if you need a quick(ish) lesson on the Swedish progg scene then click here to get the full lowdown from Andy on the Oi Polloi blog. One you know your Doris from your Don Cherry you can then purchase one of the tees and tapes here and then dance around in it to Andy’s mix here if you haven’t got a cassette player.


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