Oliver Spencer Jackets at Liquor Store


It’s all well and good having loads of well good, technical, goretex-y jackets but you should also make room in your wardrobe for something just that bit smarter.

A jacket made from natural breathable fibres, a jacket your missus will undoubtably approve of and a jacket that doesn’t automatically say ‘Look at me  look at me I’m K2’s third biggest weed dealer‘. I’m talking specifically about the really rather swell Oliver Spencer Navigator, Oxford and Barrgan jackets that have just arrived at Liquor Store. Each one having that relaxed but still dead grown up, arty kind of vibe about them which means they’ll look good with your most battered jeans as well as a dead smart pair of kecks when it’s wedding/christening/funeral time. Though I’d draw the line at teaming them with trackie bottoms, unless of course you work at the Tate modern or laying tarmac. So if you do want to smarten your act up without turning into a square then you really need an Oliver Spencer jacket.

Buy yourself one here.

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