Ones that got away – Izod Lacoste Windbreakers

I recently realised my photobucket account contained several hundred images, most of which were photos of clothes or shoes I’d sold. So, slightly inspired by the ace oneupmanship blog amongst others, I thought I’d put an interesting twist on the ‘recent pickups’ style posts but instead of things I’ve recently bought I’d post about things I’ve long since sold.

To kick things off here’s a few pics of some Vintage Izod Lacoste Windbreakers. Or Cagoule’s if that’s what you’d prefer me to call them.

At one point, with there being a fair bit more value in the quid than there is now, I was able to buy plenty of these in bulk from a couple of reliable American eBay sellers, then pass them on to friends and forumites for a small fee. I must have had over 100 pass through my grasp with people attracted to the vintage/retro angle and the adaptability of the windbreakers, with them being lightweight but fairly substantial.

I don’t think I’ve got any left for myself now apart from a rather strange yellow one with towel lining which I found when moving house recently. Alright for some but not me. Not these days.

Anyway, enough of the waffle, here’s a few pics. These are still freely available on US eBay although these days you might have to pay £30+ and accept there’s a fair risk of them being a bit fucked when they arrive. All part of the fun though eh?

Please note the pics aren’t meant to be professional, they were just taken on a camera phone with the intention of selling the jackets.

Mark Smith


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