OrSlow at Oi Polloi


Wardrobe staples. That’s what we’re on about here.

Not hardwear to join together your scandinavian flatpack clothes cupboard called Svelda, but instead clothing items that are going to become as well loved a part of your family as that dodgy bloke who married your mums’ cousin ever was.

We’ve no time for ‘Fast Fashion’, with your gaudy colours, oversized logos, queues round the block or sold out online before you’ve even typed in the web address, hype. Hell, we’re all too old and wise for that *long stare down camera lense*.

Instead we’re thinking classic looks. Quality made. Items that last, and that you’ll keep going back too; not cause those ‘too-thin bloggers, who make a song and dance about having an espresso and love shiny brogues’ say you should, but because YOU bloody well want to wear them.

Clothes that belong in your wardrobe. That your missus will think you’ve had years…not ‘cause it looks old, but because they look like they’ve always been there, and will be for a good few years yet.

Some of the best of these clothes around are made by OrSlow from Japan. Taking their name, unfortunately not from their love of mayonnaised based, grated-vegetable meal accompaniments but because their mantra is that clothes should be designed slowly with focus on longevity…would’ve been more exciting if it had been Coleslaw I agree.

Now I could at this point go all #Menswear blogger and set up an ‘outfit grid’ of the top items you could get from OrSlow at OiPolloi, that would bring a bit of classic styling to your clothing collection. But I need an espresso and to shine up me brogues and I really can’t be arsed.


Instead take your time, have a look at these snaps of ace chambray shirts, classic denim jackets and vintage military inspired pants then view the rest at Oi Polloi now.

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