Our Legacy 1980-81, Stockholm store opens

As you may or may not know, our Swedish mates Our legacy opened their first store in Stockholm last Friday. The inspiration behind the lay-out is based on Swedish work-spaces where the high flying financial sector collides with the grubby working class office. Marble floors are mixed with raw concrete walls lit with bare fluorescent lights and lined with industrial rails. Dotted amongst the marble, wood, glass and steel interiors are works of art, casually placed mirrors, Källemo Theselius armchairs and even withered tulips. Created together with the talented architect duo Arrhov Frick we wouldn’t expect anything less from those art-inspired chaps at Our legacy, in fact I think I just saw the ghost of Jean-Michel Basquiat trying on a floral camo shirt in one of the changing rooms…

OUR LEGACY 1980-81
C/O Selftitled AB
Sibyllegatan 9
114 42 Stockholm
Tel: +46 733 440041





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