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Our Legacy are from Sweden. So, they’re cooler than you for a kick-off. They’re also responsible for loads of really lovely clothes, so you don’t stand a chance really, do you?

You’ll have heard of Our Legacy by now. They did those snazzy floral shirts last year, Sven Eselgroth did an interview with them for this very website and their S/S ’14 lookbook is called ‘Radiant Flux’, which sounds like a Verve B-side that was just Richard Ashcroft being sick through a harmonica. Anyway, they’re making more great clothes and selling them at Atoo. Look. See. Look.

Their Six Dots Shirt (pictured above) not only looks like something Bobby Gillespie would wear to a Christening, but is also made of ‘loose-weave Japanese cotton’, so you can make all your friends off the internet jealous when you wear it. If that’s not your thing, there is also a white silk shirt available, which pitches itself somewhere between Thin White Duke Bowie and Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy doing the front crawl across that pond.


It’s not just shirts though. There is an insanely smart fishtail parka, made of something called ‘Scuba Canvas’, (No. We’re not sure either, but that must be a good thing) in which you can pretend to be Wallander, and some smashing raw denim jeans available. If you want to really be our mate though, you should buy the Six Shirt with the ‘Blue Parasol Stripe’. It looks like pyjamas. Which is a good thing. Obviously.



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