PALACE x Polo Ralph Lauren

Stick PALACE a lump of shit and it’ll sell. Stick it on your mum’s back and she’ll be on eBay for a lump a few hours later. Stick it on genuinely decent gear in collaboration with one of the most iconic and traditional brands the world has seen, and it’ll go mad. Teaming up with Polo Ralph Lauren – a partnership announced by a massive billboard in the centre of Tokyo – the two have created a collection that’s seemingly not just aimed at the private school hype kids. It’s a collection that’s filled with variety and genuinely honest, decent design. It’s a collection that’s subtle, yet typically flair.

Puffer jackets, caps, work jackets, pocket tees and rugby shirts – alongside some mad Hefner-esque slippers – perfectly demonstrate the mix of Polo Ralph Lauren traditionalism with PALACE’s famous unpredictability – and we love it. It’s gear that goes as well with straight trousers, big socks and Wallabees, as it does with trackies, a flat cap and those massive fucking trainers everyone’s wearing. The collection is available from the PALACE website from 9th November. Here are some of our favourite bits.

Absolutely well into house plants.

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