Palladium MultiCam



With its unique seven-coloured pattern, ‘MultiCam’ is the official issue DPM of the US army as well as loads of other mega-hard elite SWAT teams, Special Ops and Law Enforcement type groups worldwide. Fortunately you don’t have to spend your working week dangling from a gun-ship in order to wear a bit of MultiCam as Palladium have no less than four different variants of this ace camouflage available in their rugged, military grade Pampa Hi boot. You can even choose from Classic, Arid, Tropic and Black variants depending on just where it is you want to blend in or stand out. I’m not going on a holiday this year, I’m going a ‘campaign’.

Palladium, £55, (1)

Palladium, £55, (3)

Palladium, £55, (2)

Palladium, £55,





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