PANTHEON by Hamish Steele (Nobrow)

Despite spending a good five weeks exploring Egypt in my younger days my knowledge of Egyptian gods and pharaohs is still pretty minimal to say the least. Much as I admire their knack for robust triangular constructions and old school wing-ding graffiti I really don’t know my Amun from my Anubis. Fortunately for me Nobrow have published a handy guide to these different deities in the form of a graphic novel called Pantheon by Hamish Steele that’s as hilarious as it is enlightening about all things ancient and Egyptian. Providing the perfect antidote to dry and dusty historical tomes this is a thoroughly raucous read that’s packed with intrigue, incest and internal power struggles between anthropomorphic anti-heroes. Like a sandier and more surreal Simpsons this brilliant book is just the ticket if you fancy dusting up on your Egyptian mythology with plenty of ha ha thrown in with your Ra.

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