Paraboot Unites and Transcends Generations

French heritage brand Paraboot has become a cult icon, uniting an older generation of cobbler-loving connoisseurs from the French Alps with a younger, more fashion-focused clientele. 

When we say heritage, we mean it: Rémy-Alexis Richard, Paraboot’s founder, was born in the 19th century. 1878, to be precise, and he dedicated his life to footwear production, making and repairing shoes for the French army in WWI, as well as working at fashionable Parisian shoemakers during peacetime. 

The brand’s most synonymous shoe, the Michael, looks like a combination of a Kickers’ Kick-Lo and a Wallabee – and it most likely inspired them both. 

Paraboot doesn’t look out of place dressed up or down, and for this reason, it’s been taken in and inspired countless generations from opposite sides of the world, like 80’s Ivy League America to its appropriation in Japan. The brand sits comfortably amongst modern giants that dominate discourse like Clarks and Mephisto, with robust full-grain leathers, cushioned insoles, and double stitched Norwegian welt. 

For these reasons, Paraboot is more than a modern giant – it’s royalty. 

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Paraboot at Yards Store.

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