Parajumper’s Gobi Base is a Technical Dream

The Italian Parajumpers brand has garnered a cult following. Their staple jacket, the Gobi Base, has gone some way towards contributing to that. The jacket, with the shape of a classic bomber, is littered with numerous air force, military, and parachute rescue details. The brand’s logo takes the form of a military insignia patch, cargo pockets provide an abundance of utility, and the yellow elastic strap and hook is straight out of the parachutist uniform guide. 

The outside of the jacket is crafted with recycled nylon, while the down-filled lining is removable, offering increased versatility and adaptive measures. Seams are taped; the hood is adjustable; pockets are in places which just make sense. It’s a technical dream. 

The Gobi Base jacket is available in an assortment of grey scale colours, and one single, vibrant red. 

Read more technical details and grab it directly from Parajumpers. 

Gobi Base by Parajumpers.

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