Parasol Brings in Fracap

Fracap are an Italian cobblers that have been making shoes for over 100 years. Their boot was widely unavailable outside of Italy and Japan (their first market export), until the early 2010’s, when they released a range of Fracap hiking boots that built upon their century’s knowledge of leather, treads and cushioning. 

The boots are all based on models that found success in the 1970’s, and have pretty much stayed the same since, adapting materials but staying true to seasoned silhouette and shapes. 

Parasol is proud to their most successful ranges, from the M120 boot to the M127, and a durable shoe that might as well be considered a boot low, the G200.

All of the items are handmade with luxurious Italian leather, exquisite attention to detail, and Vibram soles. 

Fracap at Parasol. 

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