Patagonia – Adventure Activists Tour Manchester

Great news everyone! Patagonia’s Adventure Activists Tour will be setting up camp next Monday on October the 24th at the Manchester Climbing Centre. Presented by Kendal Mountain Festival in partnership with Patagonia the tour is all about building environmental awareness through adventure with each event hosting talks by two acclaimed adventurers alongside inspiring films.

The Manchester event will see Sarah Outen talking about her 4.5 year journey by land and sea and discussing the months she’s spent alone at sea where she witnessed the devastating impact plastic pollution is having on our planet. Olympic rower turned environmentalist Rok Rozman will also be there to discuss his leadership of the Balkan Rivers Tour which gathers kayakers and water-lovers together to raise awareness of the 2,700 dam projects planned for the Balkan Peninsula. As well as fascinating  tales of derring do and positive environmental activity you’ll also get the chance to watch Patagonia‘s fantastic sell-out film Fishpeople.

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Adventure Activists Tour Manchester

24th October 2017 

7.00pm – 9.30pm

Manchester Climbing Centre 

Bennett Street, Manchester, M12 5ND


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