Patagonia Fair Trade Board Shorts

Whilst not content with giving away squillions to environmental causes and making some of the most highly desirable outdoor gear on the planet, Patagonia have just achieved a world’s first in surf-wear. As part of the brand’s admirable and ongoing drive to globally support workers, elevate communities and conduct business in an all round more equitable way their entire season’s range of board shorts and bikinis are all Fair trade certified.  Applying this approach to their mens, womens and children’s swimwear appears to just be the starts as Patagonia plan to expand their participation in the Fair Trade Certified program by autumn 2017 to include more than 300 of their styles (including their bestseller the Synchilla Snap-T) alongside new factories in India, Thailand, Colombia, Vietnam, Nicaragua and Mexico.  You can read more about this game changing move here and if you’re looking for some amazing board shorts for your holidays then you must go here my fair trading friend.

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