Patagonia Stormfront 30L Pack


Festivals have gone a bit soft these days haven’t they? When I was growing up I remember attempting to go to Glastonbury was like announcing you were going off to the crusades, with a strong chance that you’d die in a foreign field either drowned in piss by marauding gangs of Hells Angels or have your kidneys taxed by scousers after passing out in front of the methadone stage. I suppose it’s kind of a good thing that you’re more likely to see Mr Tumble at a festival these days than your entire life flashing before you, though I do think the spirit of rock’n’roll has been watered down a bit (with dead expensive bottled water). It seems our mate Tom from Working Class Heroes agrees with me on this front and has recently been spotted practicing the fine art of fence jumping ahead of festival season with the aid of his Patagonia Stromfront pack after which he sat down and regaled us with the following Glastonbury anecdote:

A few years back a good “friend” of mine decided to go to Glastonbury. He travelled down in a big group, all had tickets apart from him. He could have bought one, “but where is the fun in that” he exclaimed.

Fully prepared with a home made grappling hook, the fence was scaled, the fun was about to begin. The copper that had seen this take place had other ideas. Off to Glasto Jail he went, but was released the next day. Upon release, my “friend'” managed to buy a ticket and enter the festival legitimately. But in a stroke of misfortune, the very same copper from the previous night caught sight of this now legal entry.

When asked “Where did you get the ticket from?” Tell the truth. “I bought it outside from some dude“.Don’t get funny and say, “I bought it from Michael Jackson, where is the cider tent?” Because if you get funny, you will end up in Glastonbury Jail for the 2nd time in 24 hours, I promise.

So remember to always practice before attempting to break into a festival, be polite when you do get arrested shortly afterwards and for god’s sake take a waterproof bag with you.Buy yours here.


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