Patagonia ‘Talking Trash Since ’93’


You really do have to hand it to Patagonia don’t you? Not only do they make some of the best outdoor/indoor/either side of the door wear on the planet they also genuinely give a shit about it too.

Their latest short film explains just how ridiculously wasteful the man-made fabric can be and how they’ve been using recycled polyester to make their awesome Capilene® baselayers, shell jackets, board shorts and those rather lovely snap T fleeces since 1993 as well as for their latest SS15 products.  By using recycled polyester the brand’s dependence on petroleum is reduced and also the use of landfill which means less air, water and soil contamination. If only everybody made gear as good and as good as Patagonia, big up yourself Yves and the P crew.



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