Patagonia Thrift Store


You’ve got to love Patagonia haven’t you? Well OK you don’t have to, it’s fine if you don’t but how can you not when they make genuinely ace clothes and properly give a shit about the world we live in too. On Black Friday at the end of this week whilst everyone else tries to make a fast buck, Patagonia will be donating 100% of their global sales from it’s retail stores and Patagonia.com to support grassroots, non-governmental organisations. Though they already donate 1% of global sales to these groups they wanted to send out a message about how we shouldn’t let anyone ‘of any political stripe’ destroy the planet. As if that wasn’t incredible enough there’s also going to be a Patagonia Thrift shop happening this Thursday and Friday  at Village Underground in Shoreditch, that will be offering fully repaired, second-hand Patagonia goods from £5 – £80 each. Patagonia have just turned Black Friday a beautiful shade of green.




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