Paul & Shark AW17 Elements Range

If you thought that Earth, Wind & Fire were brilliant then let me introduce you to Water, Fire, Earth & Air. No they’re not another jazz-funk-disco combination they’re the four jackets that make up the Paul & Shark AW17 Elements range. Named after the four classic elements each jacket possesses various appropriate to their characteristics. Take for example the very Massimo Osti-esque water jacket that reproduces the luminescent effects of water by¬†incorporating¬†reflectors into the fabric. Whilst the Fire jacket’s use of Tyveck material which reduces the loss of body heat with the Earth jacket features a gravitational pull in the pockets to stop you losing loose change and the Air Jacket is full of helium so weighs literally nothing. OK so I made those last two up but you get the jist behind this cool quartet of ultra-cool Italian coats. Currently only available in store the Elelemnts Range will be arriving online soon. I’m really tempted by that green water jacket, it’s unbelievable innit? Yeah I think I’m definitely going to have to splash out on one.




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