Pendleton Woollen Mills – Navajo, navajo, and more navajo?

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Pendleton have been weaving wool continuously since 1909; people who are better at maths than me point out that this is over 100 years – however, I’d rather put that in its historical context with this picture from that year of a man crossing the English channel in a plane:


Anyway, departing from the early history of aviation and getting back on topic, Pendleton have been making woollen garments for an awfully long time, and as a consequence, have gotten pretty good at it. Whilst the styles they’ve made may have changed on the whim of one fashion trend or another…


…one thing that has remained constant is the quality. This stuff will last for years if you look after it – and, I suspect, even if you don’t.

Range of shirts, jackets and accessories comes in Pendleton’s instantly recognisable range of Navajo patterns as well as classic tartans such as the ‘Black Watch’ check seen below.


Given the range of eye-catching patterns on display, it is perhaps hard for any one piece to stand out in this new collection; however, for me the wool and leather holdalls are a clear favourite.


Ideal for weekend trips (or, god forbid, even the gym) these bags have some of the most impressive Native American pattern work you’ll ever see on this side of the Atlantic. A Topman Navajo print t-shirt this is not.


So all in all, more fantastic stuff from Pendleton, though there is perhaps one flaw – you probably couldn’t wear it all at once.

Available from Oi Polloi.



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