Penhaligon’s, Christmas Gift Collection 2011

OK I admit it, that Christmassy feeling has officially started here at Proper HQ. Partly inspired by the amazing meat products available in the Booths festive food brochure we’re been poring/drooling all over recently and partly because of the strong Dickensian vibes created by the appearance (and smells) of a set of¬†Penhaligon’s gift collection boxes.

Based on their flagship boutique in Covent Garden the three gift boxes (all containing different Penhaligon’s products) stack together to form a smart Victorian town-house. With the added bonus at the back of the ‘house’ where we get to have a peek at the residents of this posh residence, getting up to all manner of fruity ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ type shenanigans going on from the basement to boudoir. You can keep your cool minimalist approach to Christmas, give me full on glorious Victoriana every time, speaking of which I’m off to order a massive goose and get some small children to clean out the chimney in time for Santa’s visit.

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