Percival Quilted Gilet Maintains Class

The important thing about writing about clothing is that you make it unique. And so in order to make your writing unique, you have to find something unique about an item of clothing and then hone in on it – blinkers on, really. 

For this Percival piece, the immediate attraction is the double-sided zip that goes both ways. Zips (and, with all due respect, I really don’t fuck with buttons) are a pain sometimes. Catching on stuff, being all stiff, getting jammed. This Percival piece looks like it has the smoothest zip in the world. Smoother than marble or a pebble exposed to thousands of years of flowing water. And the best thing about the zip? You can undo it from the bottom, while still maintaining zipped-up-ness. That’s the sort of thing that sounds trivial until you do it and realise that it’s just allowed you to entirely reevaluate your outfit. Look at how it’s styled below: checkered jacket on, gilet unzipped from the bottom. It’s classy.

Check the Percival Quilted Gilet over on their website. 

B-Line to Percival now.

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