Percival Takes Influence from Japan’s Edo Era

When Yves Saint Laurent first visited Japan, he began to collect various trinkets, silks, lacquered boxes, ceramics, screens, and everything in between. He was fascinated with the natural detailing that portrayed reeds, birds, blossoms, butterflies, and lilies. Many of these were from the Edo period, when the Shogun locked Japan’s borders and closed it off to the outside world in fear of cultural dissipation. 

Anyway, Percival, like YSL before them, are interested in this sort of detailing. So interested, in fact, that they’ve hand screen printed rooster-detailing, inspired by the paintings of Itō Jakuchū, onto a cotton shirt. 

The shirt is lightweight and relaxed, without a hint of garish – that unfortunate property that finds itself all too easily on summer shirts.

Grab it from Percival now. 

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