Percival’s Blanket is Made of Tuscany’s Finest Wool

It’s good when a brand is straight up about what they do. Percival, for example, has called this workshirt, Blanket Workshirt, which means that you’ll be as cosy as if you were wearing a blanket. 

It’s made of orange Casentino wool, which is one of Tuscany’s finest achievements. The orange is particularly important too, as it is the colour of the first Casentino cloths, and is derived from early waterproofing experiments. Rumour has it that wool workers used naturally sourced tinctures to make the cloth water repellent, and these dyed the wool. The colour became a patriotic statement.

Percival sources their wool from Tuscany and manufactures in London. 

Head to their site to get cosy in Tuscany’s finest.

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