‘Perfecto Brand’ AW14 By Schott NYC


Is it me or is are jackets going a bit heritage again? Now the cold is drawing in, I’m facing a daily battle of pertex versus wool, my Norrona is currently coming out on top though I just know that red and black Filson number is going to have the edge as soon as the clocks go back.

Sitting firmly in the heritage camp is Schott which was started waaay back in 1913 by by Irving Schott who created jacket history with his iconic, asymmetrical jacket design, commonly known as the ‘Perfecto’. Taking inspiration from this, Schott went on to create an elite collection of premium jackets, all named ‘Perfecto Brand’, after your main man Irving’s favourite cut of cigar. Today, over 100 years on, the ‘Perfecto Brand’ is still designed, hand produced and manufactured within the original family run factory in the big apple, forming Schott’s premium tier of jackets.  The latest collection from the ‘Perfecto Brand’ by Schott NYC is an ode to sheer craftsmanship, seen through the reintroduction of their iconic styles, drawn from their extensive archives. Sourcing only the best materials for their collections including Woolrich wool from the Woolen Mills of Scotland, and hand-waxed cowhide leather from Martexin Original Wax.







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