Pica~Post No.4 AW·MMXII

Unsurprisingly Pica~Post has only gone and excelled itself. The in-house publication of our amigos at Oi Polloi looks good enough to eat. Well, it does if you’re into eating really good magazines featuring superb illustrations, insightful writing and all manner of smart items of clothing (or ‘pieces’ as some people prefer to call them).

The highlight seems to be a chat with the seemingly reclusive (or maybe he’s just modest) Italian designer Olmes Carretti, helmsman at Paninaro favourite Best Company and the person who first awakened Henri Lloyd that they could make stuff that was cool as well as shipshape. Stop reading this anyway, and start reading Pica~Post.

You can get a copy from their website, or read it online here. We suggest you do both. Without doing so your life cannot gain maximum enrichment from the publication. 

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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