Pics or It Didn’t Happen: Images banned from Instagram (Prestel)

Have you ever wondered where all those takedown images that instagram has got rid of due to deeming them way too dodgy? Yeah me neither, I’d kind of forgotten you’re pretty limited to what you can and can’t put up there. It’s an interesting situation the more you look into how they judge things, which is exactly what artists Arvida Byström and Molly Soda have done for this new book they’ve collaborated on together. Whilst we might appreciate instagram sparing us some ‘last chicken in the shop’ type genitalia shots, not all of the images they choose to protect us from are particularly explicit in nature which raises some interesting questions around censorship. Though this book has more than it’s fair share of flesh on show, it’s not about providing us with all those cheap thrills we’re missing out on instagram but more about casting a critical eye over the way social media chooses to police itself and us.


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