Plurimus x Our Culture: Northlander Pack


As someone who has a whole lotta love for both Scandinavian and Italian culture this collaboration capsule they’ve dubbed the ‘Northlander’ pack pleases me greatly. The Our Culture crew have put some serious hours in on the research front for this. Looking through dusty old bookshops to unearth fascinating nautical and military memorabilia as well as vintage cartographic treasures that documented the mercurial nature of their nordic homeland’s borders that has helped define the unique culture that this creative collective are so understandably proud of.

Having developed these border patterns into a beautiful and unique camouflage pattern Our Culture then showed them to their long term friend Fabio at Plurimus where together they created a beautiful and durable water and wind-resistant cotton fabric. This in turn led to the creation of the original ‘Northlander’ parka which was so brilliant they decided to expand the idea into a ‘NO_SOC’ pack that also features an accompanying over-shirt, a versatile super light goose-down inner and a classic 60 litere Plurimus duffle bag. This is so well researched and executed it sums up exactly why I want to move out of the UK and into one of these amazing countries where rather than whipping up xenophobia borders are used as an excuse to do something really creative, collaborative and genuinely exciting. Forza Northlander!










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