Pop trading Company SS19 Drop 1.

Pop Trading Company are one of those rarefied labels that you could genuinely wear from head to toe, seven days a week and you’d never get bored of it. I reckon you’d also be inundated with looks of approval and admiring glances as strangers stop you in the street to demand to know where you got such fine garms. But heh that’s just my opinion and you can judge for yourself as their first drop of SS19 arrives tomorrow (02.03.19) and whilst you wait you can peruse these Pop-tastic pieces we’ve featured here. It’s a collection that’s heavily inspired by legendary skateboarder Josh Kalis and includes items like the ‘Whoah!’ t-shirt, the Pub Hoodie as well as t-shirt and hats, denim worker shorts and some zip-off “swishy” pants that are a direct reference to Josh’s 90s/00s heyday.


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