Portuguese Flannel Lobo Corduroy Shirt

A brand I’ve spoken about only fairly recently but I’m a bit obsessed with the schmutter turned-out by Antonio, Manuel and their gang. You might have noticed recently that it’s Autumn. Portuguese Flannel’s Lusitania collection might have been invented for Autumn or Portuguese Flannel might actually have invented Autumn purely to showcase their shirts. I wouldn’t put it past them, they’ve got the skills. Their Lobo shirt in particular is absolutely perfect for this time of year in both construction and appearance.

By looking at the photos you’ll notice they’re made from corduroy. Corduroy is a bit of a theme running through my clothing collection, only partly due to the fact that the French call it Manchester Cloth (regular readers may have noticed I’ve mentioned this fact one-or-twice). These shirts are more than just the fabric though. They’re…well they’re…oh just look at the photos. Gorgeous.

Grab yourself one here

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