Portuguese Flannel Lusitania Collection

We’re massive fans of the expert shirt-makers at Portuguese Flannel and the fantastic wares they consistently turn-out from their Northern Portuguese heartland. I’ve been wearing a couple for around 12 months* and look forward to continuing to do so for a long time (*not every day or at the same time. That would be silly).

This season, Antonio, Manuel and the other Portugeezers* have excelled themselves with a range so beautiful you’ll sigh and maybe even cry (*apologies but until Brexit is finalised it remains compulsory to use that word when describing Portuguese fellas).

Their current Lusitania collection is inspired by the Lusitanians who were a group of natives that lived in Portuguese territory. They lived a very simple outdoor life in the mountains. The collection is all about colours related to forest landscapes, strong and textured fabrics that reflect their life style (And what fabrics they are. I can literally feel them from the photographs. The word ‘lush’ was probably invented just for them).

I’ve written that for you but the photos say it all and more. They literally reek of pure Autumnal goodness in terms of colours, fabrics and comfort and will have you looking forward to the colder times to (soon) come.

I’ve tried to pick a favourite shirt from the collection but it’s proved impossible. I’d defy you to visit their website and find a shirt you don’t like. There are not many, if any, brands out there doing shirts as well as Portuguese Flannel are doing them right now. Check their Website for more dreaminess and stockists.



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