Pretty Green x Veras Moccasins

I love suede shoes me. I mean we all do don’t we but I really really love them (My name on the
socials gives you that clue – @realsuedeshoes). Some of the suede shoes I love the most are made by
Neil Morris and his brand Veras. Neil’s been knocking out absolutely gorgeous suede shoes for nigh
on a decade now and although it’s a cliché used by many (me included) about many things, they
really do keep getting better and better. (I love the word ‘Moccasin’ too. Great word innit?
Mocc.a.sin. Lovely. Satisfying to say).

Veras are now onto their third collection in collaboration with Pretty Green, and whilst neither
brand would have imagined they would be dropping in the middle of a global pandemic, both can be
satisfied that at a time when we all need to see more positivity and things that make us happy,
they’re making a massive contribution to that. Suede moccasins may not be considered essential PPE
by everybody but in my house (because that’s the only place I’ll be wearing them for a while),
they’re up there with face masks and rubber gloves. Just like with the aforementioned masks and
gloves, if they are going to be worthwhile, they have to be the best.

Veras continues to deliver with its signature, classic stylings that you know and love and maintains
its commitment to only using the finest premium materials. The shoes are hand finished in the
traditional Spanish factories that have produced Veras since the beginning.

The new Pretty Green X Veras collection is available now from here. Being the good guys that they are, there is a 20% discount for all NHS and Health Service workers.

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