Print and Advertising History Lesson of the Day

You can’t beat a good notebook, can you? They’re actually a pretty redundant thing to carry around these day, even the most basic of mobiles has a note pad type application. Still, there’s something about a high quality, little notebook that can sit in your pocket until needed.

Therefore, a notebook that’s going to be carried round all the time needs to be worthy of the job. And because we’re all superficial it needs to look good.

Field Notes are pretty hard to beat when it comes to offering cool looking, high quality notebooks. Ace looking things, perfect to note down stuff like ‘Need milk’, ‘Buy tickets for Showaddywaddy tribute act’ or the plan for the novel you’ve always wanted to write.

The special editions that Field Notes produces though are based on meaningful and interesting aspects of history. This latest batch come with the coolest back story attached to a little notebook ever; they are steeped in the history of the American print and advertising industry and due to the manufacturing technique, each notebook is slightly different.

Watch this video then get yours at Cartocon and own a piece of history.

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