Project Trade Mark – The Graphic Language of British Industry


Remember last year when I told you all about Sheffield’s Project Trade Mark and their cool t-shirts? Well it just so happens that a Japanese wholesaler picked up on the feature, got in touch with the brand, flew them over to Japan and now their tees, totes and sweats are flying off the shelves of shops such as United Arrows, Par Ici Klassik and Nanamica quicker than you can say ‘arigato‘. And all thanks to me. Well I suppose their logo printed designs are pretty cool aren’t they? Inspired by long gone Sheffield steel companies each bold image has an interesting Sheffield back story to it with their latest look-book being appropriately shot in a disused scissor & cutlery factory right in the heart of the city. Nice to know that we’re helping home-grown talent get sold around the world innit? Now will someone please read this article and then fly us to Japan (business class)?






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