Proper Christmas Cocktails with BrewDog

Whilst New Year’s Eve is the time for some serious celebrating, the week or two time before then is for me all about quality over quantity when it comes to enjoying a drink. As well as making some of the greatest beer in the world BrewDog also make an impressive array of spirits. So to give you an idea of how to (responsibly) drink them here are three cocktails to be enjoyed in fine festive style..

Rogue Wave Vodka is a tribute to Alex, the cousin of BrewDog founder James Watt who, having lost his arm in a freak fishing accident in the North Sea (long story), dived head first into life. Even the vibrant orange colour on the bottle is inspired by the oilskins worn by One-Armed Alex. This is a man – and a vodka – you won’t forget.

Made with just water, malted barley, malted wheat and ale yeast, this is a single-minded vodka and best served in a Moscow Mule:

• 50 ml  Rogue Wave vodka
• 150 ml  ginger beer
• 5 ml freshly squeezed lime juice
• 0.5   lime, cut into wedgesDash of Aromatic Bitters
Method: Add cubed ice to a glass/mug, pour over the vodka, ginger beer and lime juice, stir thoroughly, garnish with lime wedge and bitters. 

ROGUE WAVE VODKA – RRP £22700 ml, 40% ABV available from Amazon,Brewdog.com and all UK BrewDog bars.

Gunpowder Martinez w/ LoneWolf Gunpowder Gin 

LoneWolf Gunpowder gin delivers explosive flavour at great heights as oriental spices blast the pallet, then, as the embers die down, the true depth of the flavour rises from the flames. The 57% ABV is the heat but the bitter orange, star anise, Szechuan and black peppercorns create the smoke long after the fire is put out. The ideal serve suggestion for a warming winter cocktail and the ideal gift for Christmas! Combining 50ml Gunpowder gin, 15ml sweet vermouth, 10ml orange Curaçao, a dash of orange bitters and garnished with a flamed orange peel. This is a literal flaming taste explosion, ignited by flaming orange peel, balanced by the Curaçao and sweet vermouth, spiked by the citrus bitters, then, as the dust settles, the smoke from the gin comes to the fore…so celebrate all through winter with the ideal cold weather cocktail the Gunpowder Martinez #LightTheFuse


  • 50ml Gunpowder Gin
  • 15ml sweet vermouth
  • 10ml orange curaçao 
  • Dash Orange bitters
  • Garnish with a flamed orange peel

LoneWolf Gunpowder Gin Price: £25Amount: 500 clVol: 57% ABV buy it here.

Spiced Tea w/ Five Hundred Cuts Rum 

BrewDog Distilling Co.’s latest game-changing spirit to launch is Five Hundred Cuts, an authentic, handmade spiced rum that’s inspired by the life of Elizabeth Blackwell, a trail-blazing 18th century illustrator of medicinal plants aka ‘the original spice girl’.

Distilled using the world’s first triple pot still, from sugar cane molasses fermented for five days using a mixture of red wine and rum yeast. The resulting liquid is then double-pot distilled to create a flavoursome white rum with rich tropical flavours and hints of dark berries.

Ingredients:50ml Five Hundred Cuts50ml Lemon Ice Tea 100ml Ginger Beer Lemon Zest 

FIVE HUNDRED CUTS RRP: £24.00700ml, 40% ABV available from BrewDog.com and all BrewDog bars, UK.@FiveHundredCutsRum#500CutsRum


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