Proper Interview: Benny Kusk, Le Fix

Not only is Benny from Le Fix one of our favourite people but saying his name and brand together always reminds us of one of our favourite songs, which is why it’s always said ‘ooooh Benny from Le Fix’ like Elton singing Benny & The Jets in the Proper office. Anyway, we had a brief chat with the great Dane to see how he’s been holding up during lockdown, check it out…

Proper: Le Fix is as much a community as it is a brand and a store, how has the lockdown affected you guys?

Benny: It has actually been even more positive than before the lockdown because people have supported us very locally. Of course the Physical part is suffering as we cannot host big events and parties like we used to do – but we have found other way to share moments together.

And how do you think it has affected Denmark as a nation?

I believe it’s made people think more about the good things in daily routines that we previously took for granted. So in that way we got forced to look to the sides instead of only forwards.

What’s helped to keep you sane during isolation?

For me it was not so hard as I love painting my artworks in silence and it made me have more time sitting reflecting on my canvas with a cup of tea 🙂 And Off course working on new designs for our Le fix fall drops. So in general still busy just with more silence around me.

Do you think the pandemic has affected the way in which you will design things in the future?

Actually before the Pandemic was here we decided to scale down on how we make collections and the way we design it. So in that way it kind of matched our plans for the future. So yes I believe it will put more focus on making good solid designs that will stay in style for longer than just one season.

I know you’re a big fan of picking up vintage pieces for inspiration, have you found anything particularly amazing recently?

Yes I love Vintage It is kind of an addiction to find some gold – I source a lot for colours and shapes and really on fabric patterns and good quality. Some of my latest finds include a Gucci lightweight coat in navy cotton and another great thing was three classic adidas Footballs – Maracana Trilast, Tango and a Milano from 1966. I just love staring at them ha ha!

Why are Danish people so bloody cool Benny?

Ha ha – The Good part here is I think absolutely the same about English People. So must be something like the Grass is always greener on the other side.

I’m a BIG fan of liquorice but everyone else in my family hates it and I’m actually thinking of moving out to Denmark where people like me are better understood. Will the Danish liquorice community welcome me with open arms if I make the move and what’s the most hardcore liquorice they make over there?

PS I can’t skateboard will this be a problem?

Oh yes you would be welcomed with open arms and bags of Liquorice. Salty, sweet all sorts are good – we have a very Danish classic here called Laquorice Pipes – which when the company producing were talking about cancelling it from the market the people here got angry and made huge protests – and won it back for good. Regarding Skateboarding you can just walk around with one under your arm and nobody will notice you not using it – ha ha!

If I was to ‘le fix’ you a drink, what would you have?

Gin and Tonic is probably my favourite so five of those please.

So what can we expect to see from Le Fix next?

We have some very exciting stuff coming but I’m not allowed to reveal it yet – but It has something to do with Football. And our new collection dropping every month will start soon so we are very excited for the future.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 minutes?

I’m finishing some designs before going on holiday from today and the next 14 days in the Danish countryside.

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