Proper Interview: Mike Holmes, The Long Shot Exp.

A long time pal of Proper Mike Holmes is also our go to guy when it comes to the hottest headgear. Having founded his brand The Longshot Exp. back in 2014 he’s already gained a reputation for making some of the best titfers in the business and done some proper cool collabs. We decided to catch up with the ‘Serpico of South Manchester’ and see what’s going on inside his head as well as on top of it…

Hi Mike, what have you got on your head today?
Today I’ve had a Bob cap on this morning, Mountain cap prototypes throughout the day and now I’ve got a Good Measure beanie on.

How did The Longshot Exp. come about exactly and why hats?
The Long Shot Experiment came about after I’d finished a graphic design job in order to look after my two children full time (then two years and six months old) in 2014.I’d made myself a hat earlier that year as I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted elsewhere. After a few weeks of hardcore parenting I realised I’d need some kind of creative outlet so I thought why not experiment with hats.

Is there any plan to expand into other items of clothing?
I’d love to design a full wardrobe of items. I’ve made shorts, gilets and trousers for myself. I consider these experiments that could one day become Long Shot products.

How has this mental year affected you and the business and what has been your coping strategy?
I’m very fortunate that so far nobody close has been affected health wise by the ‘rona. My workshop is at home so the initial lockdown felt like I’d been invaded by my family. As I make everything to order I haven’t had the supply chain issues that many businesses have, so work has continued as normal and its been the Long Shot’s busiest year so far. I meditate daily using the Headspace app and this really helps me stay even and get perspective when the freak-outs take hold!

Having DJed alongside you I knowthat you’re bang into your tunes, have any particular songs or albums played a major part in your pandemic experience?
In April I was asked by my friend Oli, the illustrator @mumptown, to create a playlist which was a great challenge. I’m from the mixtape generation so it was fun to go back to curating 15 tracks and I can humbly state that I made an absolute stormer. That led to me listening to lots of Khruangbin. The last month I’ve been hammering Sault.

You’re also a bit of a film buff aren’t you? Seen anything decent lately?
To be honest I’ve not really got into anything lately. I started watching Da 5 Bloods but it didn’t hook me. I’m waiting on a book of photos and anecdotes from the filming of La Haine, so I’ll be appreciating film through print.

I see you’ve been doing some cord ‘chapeaus’ recently? Are you as obsessive as me about this material? Why do we love it so much??
Why do we love cord? That’s a tough one to put into words. Cord is the cool guy who doesn’t give a fuck. While denim is giving it all, “ look at my wear, I’m so rugged and heritage” and tech fabrics are so full of self importance, futuristic and important; cord just mooches past, loose and groovy.

What do you see as being the next direction in your happening headwear?
Following on from our corduroy cornucopia, the next hat will be my take on a scally/mountain classic. The Lowe Alpine Classic Mountain Cap was massive in Liverpool during the mid ‘90s and was one of the first tech hats to crossover. It’s going to be a beauty.

And where do you see yourself in the next five minutes?
In five minutes time my daughter will finish her NIBAS class at Depot Climbing Centre, then we’re off to Claire’s Accessories to buy her ‘Pukker Pops’. Dad life.

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