Proper Interview: The Sherlocks

When we heard Yorkshire rockers The Sherlocks had a new record in the pipeline, we decided to investigate. What started as an elementary chat about what’s on the album quickly veered into beers, gear, and what’s coming up this year. We get clued up with drummer Brandon Crook below.

Being in the live music game, how challenging have the last couple of years been with all the restrictions we’ve faced?

It’s been challenging but at the same time it’s been productive in other ways. Obviously, a big change was not being able to play live shows which is huge for us, but you just have to accept it and look at what else you can do rather than worrying about what you can’t do. For us, it was the perfect time to go in and make a record! We went into the studio completely unprepared with very little playing time as a new line up and sort of worked it all out in the studio. It was a crazy time to be honest looking back on it, I don’t think many bands would have done what we did.

Album number 3, World I Understand, is about to drop. How did you find recording this one? Did you approach it any differently to the others? 

I found this recording process to be the best time I’ve ever had in a studio. We didn’t stop laughing from start to finish making the album, we were on the beers every night while 5/6 o’clock in the weeks we were there. I literally mean every single night! It was a bit mad to be honest, we were drinking more than I ever have in the studio but it didn’t matter because the work was getting done. We’d wake up every morning and just get to work straight away, we really didn’t mess around when we were in the studio. The work always came first and the parties after… and I think because the songs were sounding that good and we were making that much progress in the session, that’s probably why our spirits were so high!

You’re also heading out on tour, you must be pretty excited to be getting back out there? Any dates you’re particularly looking forward to or new cities being ticked off?

I don’t like to say favourites and single places out because they’re all class. Genuinely, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or how long you’ve known about us… the fact that people spend their hard earned money on us and come out to show their support means the world. At the end of the day, there’s only so much money people can spend on stuff like watching bands and the fact they chose our band to spend their money is mental to us, so we try and give it back by playing the best show we can!

You’ve also found time to bring out your very own beer, The Sherlocks IPA. How did that come about? Did it involve a lot of, er, ‘market research’?!

Yeah! It’s something we’ve honestly wanted to do for years now…. It all started with a conversation between Docks Beers and myself. I don’t know who suggested it but I think they know we’re all into our IPA’s and they’re obviously a Brewery/Bar…. So it took no time at all to start discussing a potential collaboration between us both. They make great beer and we provide our input on the flavour and how we want it to look! Doing it around the same time as working towards the release of our third album, it made sense to get the can wrapped in the album cover and also get our signatures on it to hopefully show we have got hands on in the process and not just stuck our name to a beer we’ve not even tried. We literally went to Grimsby and made the first batch of the IPA. It’s a grapefruit and orange flavour IPA, 5.5% in 440ml cans… too many of them and you’ll be on your back!

You’re from a part of the country that’s a bit of an indie hotbed, South Yorkshire, producing bands such as Pulp and the Arctic Monkeys. How aware of this were you growing up and did it have an influence on your decision to form a band?

Not really to be honest… Arctic Monkeys were always around as a kid and when they blew up it did seem a bit strange that they’re from a place so close to where I’m from. So I suppose in a sense, it does make it seem more achievable to make it happen! But as for starting the band, that was just by chance and the circumstances of the other two brothers at the time moving into the same village as me and Kiaran. It’s a really small ex-miners village so everyone knows each other… so we just got to know them through the love of indie bands and stuff like that. That’s basically how it all started!

You were involved in the Sheffield Wednesday kit launch this year, are you all Owls fans? Is it a condition of being in the band?!

It’s not a condition of being in the band, haha! I’m a big fan of Sheffield Wednesday. A friend of the band, Liam Dooley, who saw us playing in New York a few years ago is now high within the club. He had a great vision of bringing the local independent music scene more towards the club and he rang me up whilst we were in the studio. We jumped at the opportunity! The fans have been amazing and we’ve got a real connection now with the club. We’re all Wednesday, aren’t we? Let’s headline Hillsborough one day! 

We spend a lot of time musing over men’s clothing here at Proper, and you lads are always well turned out, what sort of gear are you wearing at the minute? 

We’ve all got our own style to be honest, but all of us wear nice jackets and coats. Alex likes his Stone Island. I like Barbour and old school Fila stuff etc. Kiaran is more into plain jackets. Trent loves a bit of denim. Brand wise we are across Lyle and Scott, Fred Perry, Clarks, Sergio Tacchini and Ben Sherman. Anything that looks smart!

The new album ‘World I Understand’ is released on 21/01/2022 but can be pre-ordered now. Tickets for the lads’ upcoming tour are on sale here.

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