Proper Mag visits the world’s most remote gin bar

I’m a big fan of alcohol. Beer, wine, spirits, paint stripper, the lot. Such is my fascination, last month we jetted off to the heady heights of the Scottish Highlands on some very serious alcohol business.

Based in the heart of Loch Lomond, we were off to visit a hidden pop-up bar prepared by beer aficionados BrewDog. Their unique bar was located in the middle of a small, remote island and inside the remains of sixteenth century castle. In actual fact, the brand described it as the world’s most remote bar – and on arrival (fresh off our rowboat) – you could certainly see why.

The reason for our visit was not on serious beer duty, but serious gin duty, which consisted of tasting, experiencing and getting drunk the brand’s new venture: LoneWolf.

While we were guided to the island (and given a row boat to actually reach the bar), this wasn’t the case for the public. Daily clues as to the bar’s whereabouts were teased across LoneWolf’s social accounts, using the #wheresthewolf hashtag. A year’s supply of gin was also waiting for the first five intrepid adults able solve the riddles and locate the bar.

The brand’s latest venture sets out to inspire the same sense of adventure and courage within its drinkers that it brings to the Spirits world. By challenging the people of Scotland to discover its secret location to experience the perfect serve, LoneWolf was subverting the traditional pop-up bar and Friday pub routine to take visitors on a journey cultivated by nature and its diverse range of local Scottish ingredients. To top it off: the gin is mega. It’s the type of gin you can drink without tonic, the type that doesn’t burn the inside of your throat if you sink it too quick.

A special mention goes to the family of four who arrived at the castle at 4am on the bar’s opening day, having travelled up the previous night from Liverpool. Dedication to the cause.

LoneWolf Gin is available now from the likes of Asda and Tesco for £25.00.

Absolutely well into house plants.

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