Proper Magazine Festive Funnies Part 1

Ok, so it’s not Christmas yet and it’s cool to pretend you’re really annoyed how everyone is going on about baubles and presents and fucking….other shit. But if you’re being a misery guts ahead of Baby Jesus’ birthday we’ve come up with a few youtube clips we thought might break your cynical resolve.

We’ll start with one we first noticed a couple of years ago. Billy Connolly can be moderately funny on his own, but when you’ve got someone¬†taking what he does and parodying it, the results are ace. For example…


This one’s not bad either.

And this one from the same lot is a sensitive tribute to the Elephant Man, ken?

Now then, Peter Kay may be appearing on some God-awful festive advert and he may have rinsed all angles of his comedic talent to within an inch of it no longer being funny but we at Proper saw him before he was famous. This is something we unashamedly point out whenever the funny fucker gets a mention. I don’t know about Neil, but for my money, the most enduringly funny stuff he ever did was Leonard De Tompkinson, the so-called oldest paperboy in the world. How can a kindly old man lifting what he thinks is a child onto a bus only to find it’s a dwarf not be funny? Especially when said small person calls him a “dick” for his trouble. Other standout bits are “funny nun, she boxes for God” and “I’ve never been Barbados, been Llandudno”. I’ll stop now and let you watch the clip because I’m in danger of turning into one of those comedy bores who quotes lines at people. GARLIC BREAD. Fuck off.

This was the only Leonard clip I could find. It’s worthy of inclusion simply for the name ‘Doreen Gash’.

Abba, Beatles, Christians, Doors, Eagles…..F……F….

Underrated comedy from Rob Brydon and Julia Davies, Human Remains. This episode is the funniest. Brilliantly observed and painfully funny.

Probably the Patron Saint of Comedy for Proper Magazine is John Shuttleworth. Another expertly observed character, beware of a John overdose, for it may lead to you indulging in the fun rhythmn, going to the reservoir to check the level and becoming ill-at-ease with family pets who ruin the TV Quick. He’s never been a mainstream hero and for that reason alone we hold him dear. He deserves to be but we’re glad he isn’t.

More soon, including Garth Marenghi, Paul Calf and other stuff to make you laugh so much a bit of wee comes out.


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    I agree Leonard was Mr Kay’s finest (half) hour

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