Proper Magazine Festive Funnies Part 2

Since Mark has got you nicely warmed up with some comedy gold, I’m going to attempt to batter you into submission with some of my favourite moments of mirth. To merry hell with being festive, I’m all too aware that a lot of people want to kill themselves at this time of year. So my only advice is don’t do it. Instead, just watch these clips until the tinselly, capitalist, hungover, family feuding madness that is Christmas has come to an end.

Wonder Showzen is without a doubt one of the funniest TV programmes ever made, below are some classic examples from this genius show filled with liquid imagination. First off let’s play funny/not funny…

Ever wondered how Hot-dogs are made? Mmmm, taste like happy..

…and finally, a quick biology lesson.

Though a lot of the Real McCoy was a bit ropey their JBC sketches also ensured some super LOLs, check out Doctor Who and Dad’s Army dubbed into Jamaican patois especially fe we…

If ever there was a mis-carriage of justice in TVs shows not being commissioned it’s Lizzie and Sarah. I’m not sure why this didn’t become a series, maybe it was too violent and badly timed given the horrific shootings in the Lakes that happened not long after it went out. Whatever the reason at least we still have the pilot which, for my money is one of the funniest things to have been made in years

Alright, alright it is Christmas after all, maybe I should include something festive, how about the episode of Operation Good Guys where they take over the BBC in order to do their Christmas extravaganza? Worth watching from the start but if you’ve seen it as many times as me, we’ll just cut to the end if that’s OK? ITS.A.FUCKING.CLASSIC.

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