Proper Magazine Issue 10 is here

We’ve been doing this magazine thing for almost 5 years now. It seems like yesterday that we were hastily stapling copies together in the spare room at Proper Towers, but having made an extra effort to improve things this last 12 months, the new and improved version of our “little fanzine” has come of age.

With assistance from our publishing partners at we have produced a genuine magazine, a proper magazine in the truest sense of the word. The design skills of Matthew Sankey and the experience and expertise of James Brown have been invaluable but don’t go thinking we’ve gone all posh and changed beyond recognition. One of the first people to buy the new magazine yesterday said on twitter that Proper has “come a long way but stayed the same”. As the first piece of feedback that is really rewarding because that’s exactly what we were aiming for. In addition there have been tales of the magazine being passed around the pubs of Manchester and the recipients showing serious signs of appreciation (pissing themselves laughing). It’s a good start.

This issue features all of the fanzine-style commentary and features but also some seriously insightful coverage of Ian Paley (Garbstore), Takeshi Ohfuchi (Post Overalls), Carl Burnham (The Original Store), plus lots of other clothing related stuff including an exclusive look at the Mountain Equipment collaboration with R. Newbold.

It’s easily our best issue to date and has already outsold previous issues. It will soon be available at many of the UK’s best retail establishments and several outside too, but for now, you can get your copy right here at Just head back to the front page of the site.


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