Proper Playlist #2 – Mike Holmes, Longshot Exp.

We told you that our guest Spotify playlists were going to be a regular-ish thing and remarkably it’s only taken us a fortnight to hit you with another. This time we’ve turned to someone who is almost certainly our favourite Scouse Mancunian. Mike Holmes has been turning-out magnificent, meticulously designed millinery since 2014 under his The Longshot Exp. imprint, producing handmade hats, caps and other head-related happiness.

Designed and produced by hand, slowly and one-at-a-time, The Longshot Exp. attitude to hat-making reflects Mike’s relationship with the concept of quality; If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing very, very well.

Alongside our admiration for his headwear, we’ve also long appreciated Mike’s musical tastes (often reflected in the runs of tee-shirts he also produces) so it seemed apt for us to approach the South Manc Serpico and ask him to share a playlist with you.

Have a listen via the link below and remember, if it’s not for you, that’s OK. There’ll be another one along soon-ish.

Michael Richardson

Long Shot meets Proper Uptown – Mike Holmes Playlist

Firstly, a necessary explicit content warning. Don’t go bumping this when you’re in the car with the kids or your mum.

I am, by nature, a very contrary person. The sort of person who goes off stuff just because other people like it, a bit of a dick some might say. But, what could be viewed as a burden is my playlist super power. I’m always on the lookout for new music that gets me hot under the collar, be that new new music or new to me old music. I’ve spent the summer listening to mid 90s hip hop and gesturing the hours away, remembering the good old days (everybody’s talking ‘bout the good old days, the good old days…), but, as contrariness in a lock-down world means I choose not to like music because ‘I’ like it, I had to not use any of the music I’d been enjoying recently.

The aim with this selection of tunes was to put together a lot of new hip hop/street soul jams with a decidedly Mancunian lean. There are a few appearances from recent Proper mag cover star, Burgundy Blood, and other Manchester heads like Children of Zeus, Black Josh and The Mouse Outfit. More UK sounds from Kid Acne, lovely Loyle Carner and Nottingham’s Juganaut whose dad played with a lot of Manchester bands in the 70s and 80s. There’s a sprinkling of Americans in there too, a couple of new bits, the mental ‘Little Dominique’s Nosebleed’ by The Koreatown Oddity and Pan Amsterdam’s ‘Carrot Cake’ produced by Parisian Guts.

I like it but who knows for how long? I tried to choose artists that were also on Bandcamp where they supposedly get a better share of revenue. So, if you particularly enjoy anything go and see if you can support them over there and maybe even cop some merch. Finally, as this playlist is for Proper mag, there are a number of sartorial mentions for the keen of ear. From Polo balaclavas to Triple Fat Goose to suede Clarks and more. Enjoy.

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