Psychedelic Sex (Taschen)


Around about 1967 psychedelic counter-culture took the world on a kaleidoscopic trip that ensured things would never be the same again.

LSD didn’t just affect those hairy nutters hanging out on Haight-Ashbury, oh no, acid went global. With psychedelia popping up everywhere from kid’s TV shows to suburban home furnishings, everywhere you looked there was something likely to trigger a flashback. The world of smut even got on one with glossy men’s publications such as Way Out, Groovie and Where It’s At all offering a glimpse through the looking glass at the world of sexy hippie chicks and flower-powered, freaky fornication. Taschen pays homage to this distinctly Californian scene in their horny and hallucinatory Psychedelic Sex book which features the most far out and funniest examples of the late sixties/early seventies take on tits, ass and tie-dye. Turn on, tune in and crack one off.





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