Puma X Pleasures Velophasis Launch

Pleasures and Puma have collaborated to bring us a larger than life new Velophosis trainer and we had the pleasure of joining them to celebrate the release.

Pleasures founder Alex James put his stamp on the retro-futuristic silhouette by giving it a hyper-pink colour drench that glowed effervescent on the streets of Paris. The monochrome approach emphasises the signature chunky sole and layered, textured asymmetry whilst the over dying lends the trainer some lived-in charm.

The pop-up took the form of a sound system and street party hosting a small fleet of musicians and taste-makers decked out in co-ordinating pinker-thank-pink fits as well as Pleasures tees saying ‘I survived Paris fashion week.’ Chi Virgo gave a high-octane performance that pulled in passers by on bikes and drew the crowd in closer. Setting the tone for the party to eventually spill out further into the streets of Paris and blend with the annual celebration of Fete de la musique (pops of pink trainers still littering the city everywhere).

A night to remember and a shoe to stand out in. Shop it here or here

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